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The World Phonotactics Database is an ongoing project undertaken by a team at The Australian National University consisting of, on and off: Virginia Dawson, Mark Donohue, Owen Edwards, Rebecca Hetherington, Fiona Honeyman and James McElvenny. Sabine Guenther, of the University of Leipzig, Dibella Wdzenczny, of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Tammy Stark (University of California, Berkeley) helped from afar. Special acknowledgements are owed to Rebecca, for coordinating everyone, and to James, for implementing the web version of the database. We welcome contributions from others, and will of course acknowledge all such additional material. Funding was provided by the Australian Research Council (grant DP1093191).

If you wish to cite data or analysis from this site, we recommend the following format:

    Donohue, Mark, Rebecca Hetherington, James McElvenny and Virginia Dawson. 2013. World phonotactics database. Department of Linguistics, The Australian National University. Accessed (Date accessed).

Note that the sources for the individual languages are compiled, and can be pursued separately.

We welcome suggestions for collaborative work, for which we have additional geographic, ethnographic and morphosyntactic data coded and integrated the materials publicly available on this website. Contact Mark Donohue to initiate discussions ( .

Some essential references

(not even trying to be representative, let alone complete)

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