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World Phonotactics Database

The World Phonotactics Database is a searchable database containing information about phonotactic restrictions of languages of the world. Using it, you can compare and contrast phonotactic patterns in different languages, group languages by features, investigate the frequencies of different settings for different features, and view the areal distribution of such patterns through the use of the interactive map.

The database includes phonotactic data on over 2000 languages, and segmental data for an additional 1700. We aim to continue to improve our coverage. The sample has not been assembled with regard to maintaining a balance of families and regions, but we allow the option of restricting the sample by selecting a parameter designed to balance the numbers of individual languages to achieve a statistically representative dataset on any given search.

We welcome suggestions for ways to improve the materials in the database, or the interface we have provided with the database.

NOTE: the World Phonotactics Database is no longer being updated at this site. The database currently has over 4000 languages coded, and they will be made available on a different platform, and that address will be announced when it is finalised. For further details, contact Mark Donohue


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